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Brave Space is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Whoooowhooohooooooo! We are so so so excited to announce that our show. "Brave Space" has been invited to join the Underbelly line up during the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland this year. This is a big, big, big, HUGE deal and an amazing opportunity for us. We've been wanting to take this show international for years, and finally, the time is NOW (well, in August)

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of the world's top performing arts marketplaces. It's the place where you go to get your show in front of as many eyes as humanly possible. Venues from around the world send their representatives there to scout shows for their coming seasons. There is every type of performance imaginable--puppet shows, comedy, music, dance, bubble guys--and circus. The shows range from "uuuhhh" to absolutely world class. Anyone can book themselves a venue--or you can be curated through one, which is harder, but gets you more exposure and legitimacy.

Well, our little show has been selected to perform as a part of the Underbelly line up. Underbelly is one of the biggest venues of the Fringe, and its largest, most renowned circus presenter. In the past they have featured companies like Circa, Racehorse Company, Filament, La Clique, Gravity and Other Myths and more. And now...US! ALOFT! BRAVE SPACE! WHAT?!?

This is an incredible opportunity for us to get our show in front of the people who can help us take it to the next level. Reviewers. Presenters. Investors. And, of course, new fans. It's actually an opportunity that we have been waiting for since 2020. See, we were invited then by a different venue, but then...well, you know. And we were afraid that chance had slipped us by, but it turns out everything happens for a reason because being presented by Underbelly will help us make the most out of this chance.

BUT we need your help! Going to the Fringe is wildly expensive. I mean...why-aaald-leeeee. While Underbelly has given us an exceptionally good deal, it's still going to cost actual arms and legs. We have to pay for the inflated cost of Festival housing for 9 artists, 9 international flights, getting all of our crap there, performer salaries, food, etc. It's going to cost us like $45,000. We are looking at it as an investment, and don't expect to fundraise that much, but if we can make $15,000, it will really help us keep our eyes on the prize, instead of the bottom line.

Touring this show in the times of a pandemic has been challenging, but we've been committed to keeping the dream alive. Whatever you can do to help us bring this show to an international audience will mean so so very much to us. We have some great perks and thank you gifts, so bop on over to our fundraising page to check out all the ways you can help us make our dreams come true!

Plus, for every donation we receive before May 8, we are entered into a drawing to win an additional $1000!

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our Brave little hearts.


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