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Brave Space Pre-show Video

This video, by the amazing Courtney Prokopas, will help you learn what to do and how to act during Brave Space. Please take a few minutes to watch so that you can be amazing during our show!

A few items to keep in mind, in case you prefer to read:

Brave Space is a show that cannot happen without the audience. It literally can’t be done. So we are glad you're coming to our show. There’s a few important things you need to know, because this isn’t like any other show you’ve been to! These tips and reminders will help you experience the show in the best way possible...and they are good tips for the world in general.

  • Be open and willing to help. If someone asks you to assist in part of the show don’t hesitate...there might be a human on the other end of a rope waiting for your support...or you might be blocking a light, or we might need your muscles to help us build our fort. We trust you. You’ve got this.

  • It’s going to get crowded. Like, subway at rush hour crowded. Get cozy, say hello to your neighbor! Also...please consider your hygiene before the show, and don’t wear any strong perfumes.

  • If you’re a tall person, please situate yourself toward the back of the crowd. If you notice a short person trying to see around you, let them sneak in front of you.

  • You’ll be moving around a lot during the show! Sometimes you’ll be standing, sometimes sitting on the floor or even laying down. If you’re not comfortable sitting on the floor feel free to stand with your back against the fabric of the tent. You can let it touch you, it’s ok. It’s actually good if you do! It’s a tactile show! If you need a chair to sit in, one can be provided if you let us know ahead of time. If you have any other accessibility issues, please let us know in advance so we can make sure your experience is magical.

  • Some venues may require you to remove your shoes before the show. Even if they don’t, you may want to. Do make sure to wear comfortable footwear that you can move around in.

  • There is only room in the fort for people. You’ll need to leave all large bags and purses outside. They will be supervised, but leave anything valuable at home. Also, no food or drink inside. Spills make crashes.

  • Use the bathroom before the show. There is no way out once you are in.

  • Feel free to take photos but triple check that you have your flash off. Take one or two pictures, then put your phone away and just enjoy the experience. Filming is distracting to those around you and we strongly discourage it. Please use the hashtags #aloftcircusarts and #bravespaceshow.

  • Lastly, there one part of the show where everyone needs to be in sync. Everyone will be asked to hold the fabric like a parachute. You’ll be directed, Mostly with non-verbal communication, in what to do. Try to feel the vibe of the people next to you. If eveyone is lifting the fabric up, that’s what you should do! If the people next to you are lowering it down, that’s what you should do! This is no time to be a maverick, it’s time to be your best community-loving self. You’ll be directed to lift the tent up 3 times. Hold it high and try to peek underneath! Then, you’ll get to floof it around a bit. Lastly, you’ll do one final lift up. Holding on to the tent, you’ll step inside, pull it down behind your back, and sit on the edge. You’re in! If you don’t enter the tent at this time, with everyone, you’ll be stuck outside, and that would be super sad.

  • Again, the most important thing to remember is to just be cool, be considerate, and be brave.

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