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Featured Acts - On the ground and in the air, award winning circus acts.

Aloft Circus Arts only works with professional, highly trained artists. While some companies can get you a better deal by hiring students or newcomers, Aloft knows that your audience can tell the difference in quality, and that you never want to skimp on safety. Because we choose our events as carefully as we choose our artists, you'll always have our full attention. We've won awards at circus festivals in the US, Germany, Cuba and Taiwan, and have been featured in European varietes, Hong Kong birthday parties, and everything in between.​

Aerial Acts

Aerial silks are a classic. Rope is a thrill. Trapeze is straight up classy. Aerial hoop is mesmerizing. Spanish Web is fast and stunning. Straps is a display of strength beyond belief. Chains...really? Chains? Yup. Aerial Chair? Aerial dinosaur skeleton? Yes. Those are all real things we do.

Solos, duos and group acts. Whatever you're looking for. We're the best...we can make it happen.

Ground Acts

Sometimes you just can't hang from the ceiling. We've come to accept that, and though our name is "Aloft", we thrill on the ground, too. Cyr wheel, German wheel, juggling, contortion, hand balancing, acrobatic bike, Chinese pole, tightwire and more! We're a circus...we got this.

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