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Environmental Entertainment - Like flowers. Only awesome.

Sometimes you just want a li'l somethin' somethin'.

Aerial Hangabout

We can stay up there for awhile. Not forever, but for 15-20 min. So when you're just looking for some eye candy, we can do that. If you just want something in the background, to add ambience, hangabout could be your answer. However, if you're looking to blow your guests away with a world-class circus act, make sure they sit down and watch one of our featured acts.



Stilts, juggling, acro, candle girls, flags, magic, clown...we can get down and dirty with your guests, eye to eye. There is so much to be said for interacting and creating a magical environment. And even if we are on a pedestal, we can really rock it. Wallkabout is a great way to add value to your package. If you are hiring an aerialist, add on a walkabout for just a little more!

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