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Aloft Announces Brave Space Dates and Tickets!

Hot on the heels of our super fun spring tour, Brave Space is hitting the road again! In June we will head west for 4 weeks! Then in July there will be some local shows at parks around Chicago. Finally in September we will try our luck at the Rochester Fringe Festival! So...there's a good chance we are coming to your town!!! When the city name is a link, tickets are on sale, so check back often.

Brave Space is going on tour for 4 weeks! There's a good chance we are coming to your town!!! When there is a link by the name, tickets are on sale!

TIMES AND TICKET PRICES VARY BY LOCATION. Please double check all details of your selection before confirming your ticket purchase. No refunds or exchanges. Tickets will be more at the door than online. Advance purchase strongly recommended.

June 11-Dubuque, IA

June 14-Boulder, CO

June 15-Denver-CO

June 21-Ashland, OR

June 22-Portland, OR

June 23-Seattle, WA

June 25-Missoula, MT

June 29-Chicago!

July 22-Jesse White Park, Chicago, IL

July 24-Athletic Field, Chicago, IL

July 25-Bogen Park, Chicago, IL

September 19-21-Rochester Fringe Festival

"It’s hard to describe, hard to encapsulate and relay something as surreal and impressionistic as this piece. It must be seen." -PGH in the Round

"Daring and intimate...unlike any circus show I've ever seen."-Not Without my Bowler Hat Blog

"What most stuck with me after the show was the serene way they made eye contact and smiled at each other, and at us, throughout the performance. These were smiles that seemed to hold the secret to forging a space of care and connection, and I left with the impression that these artists wished nothing more than to share that secret with all those of us who had come together to build that little magic tent with them." -The Pittsburgh Tattler

Aloft Circus Arts' newest show, Brave Space, is the building of a blanket fort, sneaking under a hoopskirt, an impulsive congregation in the tiniest of tents. Intimate and low tech, this hour-long work of contemporary circus invites the audience to sit nose-to-nose with bold aerialists and acrobats to build the world we want to live in, even for only a few shared moments. An antidote to the horrors of daily news cycle, this hypermobile show can pop up in fields, intersections, theaters, and warehouses -- wherever people need beauty, hope, and comfort.

Conceived of and directed by Aloft artistic director Shayna Swanson, Brave Space is designed not as a safe space, but as a space that will bring audiences up close and personal with their humanity and their fears, to encourage them to better care for themselves and for those around them.

Inspired by the idea of creating community in trying times, Brave Space starts as a puddle of fabric on the floor, and grows to encompass a world of wonders that includes juggling, cyr wheel, and duo trapeze, a rope act like no other, and awe-inspiring feats of balance and strength. The audience is limited to 100 people per show, and audience members must be able to sit on the floor, stand up, walk around for the duration of the performance. Audience members requesting assistance, or a chair to sit in, should note so when purchasing tickets. In addition, Brave Space may make persons suffering from claustrophobia feel uncomfortable at times.


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