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Sanctuary Cabaret is with more legality!

Way back in October, some horrible person got us shut down because they hate seeing people enjoy their lives. BUT, like a Phoenix, we went to city hall and filled out a bunch of paperwork and had a ton of inspections and jumped through all the hoops and we are BACK, BABY! Now with more illuminated exit signs!

Sanctuary is Chicago's number one punk-rock, underground circus cabaret in a 111 year old church and it happens on the first Saturday of every month! You'll see some of the country and world's best circus artists performing in a place once reserved for boring hymns and speaking in tongues. Plus hilarious jokes and sexy, sexy music? Seriously, what else would you do with your life?

To maintain an intimate environment, seating for this show is extremely limited. We highly recommend buying your tickets in advance. Plus it's like $10 more at the door so, ew, just buy online.

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