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A new show by the graduates of one of the United States' top circus schools, directed by Australian circus powerhouse, Emma Serjeant.

​"A perfect pairing was how Flock combined the novelty and innovation of the Australian style of circus– a model of empowerment and strength, with Aloft’s powerful feminist aesthetic. Aloft is known for their strong aerialists, and Flock was no exception." 

-Third Coast Review

"There is a tenacity and acceptance of independent working models here much like Australia. There is a risk taking element to Chicago , punk, feminist, somewhat anarchist circus style here, that i can relate to Australian early days ’new age’ circus with the likes of Circus Oz, Rock n roll circus and Vulcana Women’s Circus.”

-director Emma Serjeant on "Flock" in Circus Talk

The 8 emerging circus artists in this production trained 45 hours/week for two years at Aloft Circus Arts, honing their skills in tightwire, trampoline/tramp wall, aerial silks, trapeze, acrobatics, handstands, cyr wheel and so much more. More than just a showcase of their individual skills, this show is a celebration of the ensemble, an 80 minute delve into what it’s like to, very literally, trust a group with your precious life.


Guest Director Emma Serjeant worked with the students over an intense eight week research and development process to create “Flock”. Aloft’s Artistic Director, Shayna Swanson met Ms Serjeant while collaborating on a project in Melbourne, Australia in 2016. She was immediately impressed with Emma’s fierce, feminist take on circus and wanted to bring her in to work with her students. The resulting show is real, personal and deeply engaging.

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