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We loved them dearly, but all runs must come to an end to make room for new beauty. Check out our archived shows.
Dinner of our Discontent


Dark, Edgy and Hilarious, this narrative told through contemporary circus centers around five sisters recently and unfortunately reunited in their childhood home after the death of their parents.  Their long suffering maid tries and fails to bring sisters to some sort of peace as they struggle through issues of rivalry, identity and inheritance.  Fans of Edward Gorey, gothic literature, and contemporary dance will rejoice at this creative imagining of siblings coming to terms with their own mortality while trying not to kill each other.



Sephira is a 75 min show featuring five stunning aerial and ground performers flying through a world made of light and steel. The beauty of the stars, the rain, the Tree of Life, and energy taking form as never before - Sephira is a show that pushes the limits of technology and the human spirit using vivid projections and breathtaking acrobatics.

The Circus Princess
"We just caught the trio at the Medora Musical and they were absolutely fantastic! We laughed and ooohed and aaaaahed. What a talented bunch!"


Created for the Medora Musical in 2011, The Circus Princess is the semi-true story of a true diva from Circusistan, plopped down in one-ring mud-show in small town America. She meets the nerd and the rebel and personalities clash as they battle for the title of Circus Princess, eventually learning that by working together they will all achieve more than they could by fighting. It's a great show for kids and family audiences and at 20-40 min is the perfect length for outdoor festivals and ships. With only 3 performers, this show is an economical choice, without sacrificing the quality Aloft is known for.

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